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About Us

About US

Prem Niketan is a unit of Prem Charitable Trust. As an extension of our service to the society and considering the need of the hour, Prem Niketan was started in 21.11.2011. The Social Welfare Department of Tamilnadu entrusted us with 35 senior citizens in 2018, hence Prem Niketan became a home for senior citizens too.


Prem Niketan is situated in Parameshwaramangalam a tiny village near Arakonam in Ranipet District, Tamil Nadu. Since this village is close to Kancheepuram Arignar Anna Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Institute and cancer is more prevalent in and around in this area. The statistical study about cancer patients have confirmed the increase of cancer patients in this area.  Lynne Tracy one of our good friend’s sister and Matilda Vas one of our good friend’s mother have died of cancer. As a mark of respect and gratitude Prem Niketan was started. And Fr.Peter Subaraj initiated this noble venture along with us in caring and looking after the cancer patients.


Extend our helping hands to cancer patients with an optimistic attitude.


To offer them residential care and community service.

To provide them medical support and take them for medical treatment.

To offer doorstep assistance to cancer patients those who are staying with their families.

To offer an awareness program about cancer patients to the villagers.

To offer recreational and entertainment programs for the cancer patients.